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When it comes to technology, Jomutech Agencies aspires to provide competitive cutting-edge ICT solutions.

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Jomutech Agencies' Solution Architects prowess is not limited to Biometrics only but spans out to these other domains as well more...

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  • Biometric Projects, Integrations and Research

  • We have the expertise to develop custom biometric software solutions besides what we have currently developed.

    As biometric consultants (one of us based their MSc research and final thesis on Biometrics fingerprints templates security), we also help organisations, hospitals, researchers and schools to integrate biometrics into their existing software systems. Contact us if you need help with biometric software modules and systems integrations more...
  • 21-March-2016
  • We introduced to the market, a new biometric access control software system for schools called Biometric Student Track (with Parent / Guardian SMS notifications) more...
  • 19-Feb-2016
  • We introduced to the market, a new biometric school access control software system called Biometric Student Register This school biometric system keeps logs of pupils / students' school or class attendance more...
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