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Our Biometrics and IT Services

We are Professionals and Experts in the following domains of Biometrics
and IT Consulting.

Biometrics Software Consulting

We provide professional expertise to organisations, businesses and institutions seeking to implement biometrics software solutions and propose best solutions for their biometric identification problems.

Biometrics Software Development

We develop Biometrics Software Solutions using a variety of programming languages including but not limited to Java, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML5, MySQL for both Web and Standalone applications

Biometrics Software Integration

We help Organisations, Companies and SMEs who procure our Biometrics Software Modules with guidance on how to implement and integrate these biometric software modules into their Enterprise Applications.

Biometric Images and Data Reconstruction

We help Organisations, Companies and SMEs migrate biometric images, fingerprint lifts to biometric data formats. We help do biometric data conversions from and to Proprietary, ISO and ANSI biometric data formats.

Mobile Phone Apps Development

We develop mobile phone apps

OSS, Unix, Elastix and Linux Consulting

We help organisations in building, setting up and configuring servers, computers, software, PBX, firewalls and IT infrastructure that runs on open source software platforms like Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Oracle Linux, Android, Elastix, Asterisk and Solaris.

Biometric Software Solutions and Modules

We have developed the following biometric software solutions
and biometric software modules for integration.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance Clocking Software System

Web based Biometric Time & Attendance system gives you a unique, friendly, simple and easy to use Time & Attendance System that prevents buddy punching and allows you to generate reports from your computer while incorporating and emboldening morals of accountability & integrity amongst your members of staff..

Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID Software System

Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID is a Software solution for controlling access to a mess hall, cafeteria or dining hall in small and medium sized organizations, institutions, companies etc. that uses Fingerprint Biometrics. The system can be used in place of meal cards and vouchers.

Biometric School / Class Attendance Java Software System

Biometric School / Class Attendance Register Software is designed and developed to assist schools, learning institutions to keep track of all pupils' and students' school attendance and provision an easy way for the administration to generate reports as soon and when they are required.

Biometric Student Track with Parent / Guardian SMS Alerts Java Software System

Biometric Student Track Software is designed and developed to assist schools to alleviate parents / guardians worries of students’ whereabouts problems by providing them with a stress free biometric students’ tracking software which sends SMS alerts to parents / guardians when students leave and report back to school.

finger registered

HTML5 Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Source Code Module

This is a web based biometric fingerprint authentication software source code module that works on all web browsers that support html5 featues. It can be integrated in ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, PHP web application projects

Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Source Code Module

This is a web based biometric fingerprint authentication software source code module that works on internet explorer web browsers. It can work on firefox and chrome with addons and plugins. It can be integrated in PHP web application projects.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint User Management Login Source Code Module

The is the most Simple, Straight Forward and Easy to Implement Biometric Login Software Code for a Web Application Project developed in PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML, MySQL and JavaScript.

Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Source Code Module Code in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and MySQL for integrating with a variety of fingerprint readers / fingerprint scanner devices

This is the easiest and simple to use. web based fingerprint registration and authentication module you will probably come across on internet for integrating a fingerprint reader scanner of your choice to your web applications and web projects.

Biometric Student Track Video

Learn about Biometric Student Track in this less than 15 mins clip.

Our Works

We have developed the following standalone, web biometric applications
and biometric fingerprint software source code modules.

Biometric Software Source Code Modules you can Integrate in Java, PHP, MySQL, JSP, ASP.NET, Oracle, Python, Perl, MSSQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, PostgreSQL, jQuery and JavaScript

We have coded the following biometric software solutions and biometric software modules for developing and
integrating biometric software solutions.

30 minutes

Quickest time in Minutes a Software Developer can take to fully integrate Biometric Fingerprint Module into their Web Application Project

5 databases

Databases you can also integrate with apart from MySQL. MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite

6 years

Our Years of Experience in Biometrics Consulting, Biometrics Software Development and Biometrics Software Integrations

500 %

Increase your Returns On Investment by OVER 500% when you order our Biometric Software Source Code Modules. You will Save Big on Software Development TIME and Programmer hiring COSTS

Why choose us ?

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Web based Biometric Fingerprint User Management Login Module Software Source Code in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML and JavaScript

What is Biometric Fingerprint Login Module?

This is the most Simple, Straight Forward and Easy to Implement Biometric Login Software Code for a Web Application Project developed in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, MySQL and JavaScript. This is Software Consultants, Software Developers, Programmers, Web Engineers, Web Developers, Software Engineers and Coders’ Answer to adding and integrating Biometric Fingerprint Login to Web Applications and Web Projects

Known Password Login Problems

Are passwords proving hectic to manage for your web application? Do you want users to stop sharing passwords? Are you afraid that some lower cadre employee will one day find the password for a manager’s account? Has it ever occurred to you that someone could be having the finance department’s users’ passwords? How will you help prevent loss and integrity of your data when all passwords are leaked out? What will you do when a fired employee logs in remotely into your system or shares their password with some of your employees so that they gain access to your company /organization’s data? Do you ever get worried that the locker where you have kept your written down password for reference could be broken into and your secret passwords is known to your adversaries or thugs?

If any of the above has ever happened to you or you anticipate it could happen in your company, organization, business, clients workstations etc., it is time for you to take action and replace your User Login module with a Biometric Login module. If you are a software consultant, software developer, programmer, web engineer, web developer, software engineer or anyone who likes to have a go at coding web applications and would like to integrate Biometric Fingerprint Login to your Web Applications or Web Projects to replace Password Login, then this is the Quickest, Simple., Straight Forward and Easy way to integrate Biometric Fingerprint Passwords into your Web Application.

This Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Module will help you integrate Biometric Fingerprint Login in just a matter of a few minutes and do away with passwords immediately. You will save on development costs and development time when you get this Biometric Fingerprint Login. You will also be able to customize this Biometric Fingerprint Login to your needs and modify it as you please. The code is simple, straight forward and short so that you just concentrate on integrating it to your web application.

Benefits of Biometric Fingerprint Login

1. Biometrics Provide Non Repudiation. No user can misrepresent themselves as another when they login to an information system when they pass thru a biometric vault system. Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be shared.
2. Prevent data loss and uphold data integrity in information systems. Only authorized people will have access to critical modules of an information system.
3. Put an end to the fear and worries of forgetting passwords.
4. No need to write down passwords where prying eyes could find them and use them later to exploit privacy of your data or destroy it.
5. Prevent malicious attacks from external people who may previously have known or had access to your passwords. With biometrics, outsiders will be kept at bay and you will not need to worry about them.
6. Quick and fast way to login to a web system.
7. Biometrics are more safer to use than passwords unlike dealing with issues like lost passwords, stolen passwords or shared passwords.
8. Biometrics provide more levels of data security than passwords as biometric systems logins can be easily regulated and audited.
9. Biometric Logins prevent system malpractices that would have otherwise gone unnoticed or blamed on unsuspecting system users.
10. Use of Biometrics in systems’ login imposes a requirement of accountability among system users. Users will feel they are held responsible for all their actions and this will make them uphold their integrity morals. This is good for business and everyone else in a service level industry.

Biometric Fingerprint Login Main Modules

This is a state of the art (modern) web based biometric fingerprint clocking software system for your Employees' Registration and Verification Process that gives you the following benefits ;

1). User Registration
2). Edit User Particulars
3). User Roles
4). Manage Users
5). About Us
6). Log Off
7). Login
8). Home

User Registration

Before a User can be able to login into an information software system, they first need to be registered into the system. This module Biometrically Registers the User. A System User is required to provide the following;

☛ First Name
☛ Second Name
☛ Staff Number
☛ Enroll two (2) Biometric Fingerprints

A programmer can scale up this Biometric Fingerprint User Registration Module to add more input fields that capture more information about the User as they deem necessary. We currently capture three fields and 2 fingerprints for simplicity.

Once User details have been captured, they are saved into the Biometric Fingerprint Login module’s MySQL database. Software developers who get this module can integrate it with any RDBMs database like Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or any other. We used MySQL as it is free and has no limitations on licenses whatsoever. You too can get MySQL for free from

See below screenshot for User Registration Module

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Edit User Particulars

Sometimes after Biometric Fingerprint User Registration has been completed, it is later noted that there was a spelling mistake on a User’s name or Staff Number or a Registered fingerprint has an injury. Edit User Particulars sole purpose is to help you correct those anomalies.

Edit User Particulars helps you address mistakes previously done during User Registration and also helps you re-register a User’s fingerprints again. To retrieve a previous User, type part of full Staff Number that was entered together with their details during registration into ‘Search Staff Number’ field. The system will automatically retrieve the User Details and fill the other fields with the User Particulars. Proceed to Edit the Fields as is required and re-capture user fingerprints again then save by clicking ‘Submit Edited Details’. That’s all.

The Editable Input fields are;

☛ Edit First Name
☛ Edit Second Name
☛ Edit Staff Number

Edit User Particulars module makes it painless for you to edit a previously registered user details. It is even more interesting in that the said User will have to be there when their details are being edited so that they can verify them and re-enter their fingerprints again as a sign that they were present and agreed to the new changes to their User Details.

Biometric Fingerprint Login is painless and the Administrator is in full control of any changes pertinent to User Details and Fingerprints unlike the case of a Biometric Password Login System.

See Screenshots below for Edit User Particulars

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

User Roles

Different system users have different levels of system access and roles which they are granted to expedite their tasks in an Information System. Users in management are allowed to see reports which other employees may not be allowed to see. A User with limited rights on a Software System is not authorized to carry out Administrative tasks like make new Registrations or Edit Staff Particulars in an Information System.

User Roles Module allows you to tick check boxes to Authorize System Roles or Uncheck to deny them rights to access certain System’s Roles. Once you get this module you can edit these roles from the system’s database, add new roles or remove roles as you may deem necessary for implementing your Biometric User Login. Having these roles in database makes it easy to manage User Roles and adding any new roles when more levels of user regulation are required by an organization.

See screenshots below.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Manage Users

There are those instances when a User needs to be denied access to all the system functionalities including login rights to a system irrespective of whatever roles they have rights to in an information system. Possible scenario are like when a User ceases to be an employee of an organization or they are temporarily not authorized to carry out any operations in a system. In such scenarios, the Manage Users Module comes in handy as it allows the management to Suspend the user either for good or temporarily. Manage Users Module allows for Activating a User who had been previously Suspended if the Organization decides to reinstate them or stop denying them access to the system.

Manage Users shows in a tabular form Users who are Suspended and those who are Active.

The System gives the User an option to either Suspend User or Activate User from the Action Column. If a user is suspended, the adjacent Action Column to the right will have a green clickable Activate User link and if a User is Active, the adjacent Action Column to the right will have a red clickable Suspend User link.

See screenshots below for Suspended Users and Activated Users.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

About Us

The About Us when clicked redirects you to our Biometric Software Source Codes Web Page where you can view other Biometric Software Source Codes you can get for your developing Biometric Solutions or integrate with your existing Software Solutions.

Log Off

When you want to Log Off from the System, clicking Log Off signs you out of the system and sends you to Biometric Login Page


Login is the main entry point for any system. In Biometric Fingerprint Login module, a Biometric Registered User presents their fingerprint for Authentication. If they are successfully verified, they get redirected to the Home Page. If a user is not Biometrically Verified at Login, the system does nothing. It never logs them in. The system will only Login only Biometrically Fingerprint Registered Users.

When a User clicks Log Off, the System redirects them to Login Page.

Login Page is the Vault that prevents non authorized users from using a Software System and grants User Rights only to Registered and Verified Users.

See Screenshots below for Login

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Fingerprint on Reader Scanner

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture


This is the page that Biometrically verified Users are directed to.

Software developers who get this module can decide to redirect successful fingerprint logins elsewhere or build upon this Home Page.

See screenshot below for Home Page showing the first page as is seen by a user who has successfully logged into the system.

This code is easy to integrate and adopt into existing systems and for new software systems. An average programmer will add / integrate biometric fingerprints into their web application and web projects in less than 15 minutes.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Technologies used to develop Biometric Fingerprint Login Module

Biometric Fingerprint Login is developed using a Multi-Tier architecture. The system was constructed to use 3-Tier Architecture to allow for scalability and independent handling of the various components of each tier.

The Biometric Fingerprint Login module’s structured architecture consisted of Presentation, Application and Data layers.

In Presentation layer, JQuery, HTML, CSS and JavaScript was used to implement form components for capturing a User’s particulars, capturing of fingerprints, displaying of user particulars.

The Application layer handles the application logic including fingerprint identification and validations performed in Biometric Fingerprint Login. (Php programming language handles most of the application logic on the server side).

The Data layer performs functions related to data saving and retrieval for purposes of registrations, identifications and reporting. The back-end database is MySQL though the programmer can decide to change this to a database of their choice e.g. Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or any other.

Web Browsers Supported

This Web Biometric Fingerprint Login Module supports Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11

Good News! There are multiple ways to run Web Projects and Web Applications you have integrated with this Web Biometric Fingerprint Login Module in your favorite web browser. One of those ways is by using IE Tab (commercial), Fire IE (free) or by getting any other web browser extensions that allow running of ActiveX on other web browsers other than Internet Explorer in Windows to run this Web Biometric Fingerprint Module in Firefox, Chrome etc.

Initially you may have been limited to only Internet Explorer to run ActiveX controls for Fingerprint Authentication and Registration but thanks to the many Web Browser Extensions today that can be installed to client web browsers, the dream of running fingerprint authentication and registration to Chrome and Firefox and other Web Browsers is now possible.

Database Back-end (MySQL)

See Screenshot Below for User SQL Table with Biometrically Registered Users

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

See Screenshot Below for System Modules SQL Table for this Biometric User Management Module
Programmer can decide to use these modules as they are or modify or add more to manage his / her developed system

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Biometric Fingerprint API and Fingerprint Reader Scanner

See Screenshot Below for User SQL Table with Biometrically Registered Users

To use and develop this Web Biometric Fingerprint Login Module you will require one / any of the following Fingerprint Reader devices
Digitalpersona 4000 Fingerprint Reader
Digitalpersona 4000B Fingerprint Reader
Digitalpersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader
Digitalpersona 5100 Fingerprint Reader
Digitalpersona 5160 Fingerprint Reader
Digitalpersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader

When you buy Biometric Fingerprint Login Software Code, it will come with a Fingerprint SDK API that talks to any of the above Fingerprint Reader Scanners. You will be able to deploy your web application to as many PCs, workstations and computers as you want once you buy Biometric Fingerprint Login Module software source code from us. There are no restrictions we impose to limit you whatsoever on where to install, integrate or deploy it.

No yearly License Renewal charges. Once you buy the '."'web fingerprint integration' ".'module we will give you a Fingerprint SDK Runtime environment that you can distribute as much as you want to where you deploy your applications and use it for as long as you want.

Should you be looking for a Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module that supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other Web Browsers which support HTML5 features, check out HTML5 Web Browser Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module New

No SDK License Limitations on Many Computers (Use SDK Runtime we give you for as many Computers as you want. No Limitations!)

No SDK License Limitations on Many Fingerprint Readers (Use SDK Runtime we give you for as many Fingerprint Readers as you want. No Limitations!)

There are no other charges you pay or will ever be required to pay once you pay to download the '."'Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login' ".'software source code module.

Get this source code now and use it in developing Biometric Fingerprint Login for your Web Applications. We have made it easy for you by developing the Biometric Fingerprint Login Software Source Code and availing the Source Code for you so that you concentrate your mind on selling and looking for clients of your finished Finished Software Systems.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Database Back-end (MySQL)

How do you WIN when you GET this Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Software Source Code?

☛ Save on software development costs and developer hiring costs
☛ Save on development time and resources
☛ Quick turnaround time for your end product to your clients
☛ Easy and Simple Code to Integrate and Develop for your Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Projects.
☛ Adding Biometric Fingerprint Login to Biometric Systems Application now feels like a breeze.
☛ No more headaches or heartaches required to learn new things, just integrate Biometric Fingerprint Login module to your organization’s / client’s web code.
☛ Surprise and eliminate competition by developing state of the art and robust Biometric Fingerprint Login applications with fingerprint authentication features.
☛ Increase ROI by adding this module into your assets of code snippets that make you churn out a big project in a short instance.
☛ With this code you have more time to prospect for new projects and businesses unlike managing a team of developers at your disposal to come up with this fingerprint login module.
☛ Software consultancy becomes easier as you can now confidently promise clients to help them manage User authentication problems by use of biometric fingerprints with this web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Software Code.

Your options on how to use this Biometric Fingerprint Login Software Source Code are limitless and they can go as far as your creative mind as a Software Developer can think and innovate. Get this code module and use it to implement those ideas you have always had about implementing a Web Application / Web Project with Biometric Fingerprint Login.

Talk to us if you need to seek any clarification about this Software Source Code for Biometric Fingerprint Login on the E-mail address below.


Download Web based Biometric Fingerprint User Managment Login Software Source Code Module for USD $355 only. Click Buy button below.

Other Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Software Source Code Modules you can Get for your Projects


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