Biometric Money / Funds Disbursement Hawala System

Unique Selling Proposition

By automating Hawala Money / Funds Disbursement process, Jomutech Agencies will add value to the Imams, Sheikhs and other users of Hawala money traders by giving you a state of the art (modern), friendly, simple and easy to use Biometric Funds Disbursement Hawala system that will easily fit into your mosque, office set-up while equipping you with reports of trade transactions from your computer when needed and required and at the same time giving a satisfactory & smooth Registration & Identification Process while incorporating and emboldening morals of accountability & integrity amongst hawaladars and traders.

Known issues about Hawala

The Biometric Money / Funds Disbursement Hawala System that Jomutech Agencies is proposing to you will address & alleviate the following issues that are a common phenomenon when disbursing funds to staff. This system will biometrically identify persons before they are given their rations and will deduct amount issued to members of a hawala payment scheme from the main pool of allocated funds.

1). Money laundering and fraud.

2). Illegitimate use of hawala system.

Value Proposition

Jomutech Agencies' state of the art (modern) Biometric Hawala software system for money / funds disbursement process comes with the following benefits ;

1). Prevents laundering of money.

2). Guarantee legitimate use of hawala system by use of biometrics.

3). It is fast to register and identify people as a person is only required to touch a fingerprint reader only and relevant data pertinent to them is retrieved automatically.

4). This biometric system is easy & simple to use, train & learn.

5). Easy storage and retrieval of a person's details by use of fingerprint only (...the following will NOT be required at all; ID NO, Phone NO, Outpatient NO, Inpatient NO).

6). The Hawaladars will be protected from fraudulent persons who may want to inappropriately acquire funds by alleging to be intended recipients of money (biometric fingerprint patterns are unique to everyone and no two persons share same fingerprint patterns not even twins).

7). Fingerprints cannot be altered, so the Imams, Sheikhs, Hawaladars need not worry about the integrity of stored data in the Hospital biometric system.

8). Increase and bolster levels of accountability and ethics among hawaladars, sheikhs, imams and members of public because this biometric system will significantly capture and report all money transactions carried out on the biometric system.

9). This biometric software solutions is ideal for identification of visually challenged persons, persons with hearing inabilities.

10). This biometric software solution is the best mode of identification for identification of persons who may not know how to read & write.

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