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Loging to System using Biometrics
Patient Registration using Biometrics
Walk in Patient Authentication using Biometrics
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IN-Patient Admission using Biometrics
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Printable Report of Patients whose Fingerprints are Captured
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When it comes to technology, Jomutech Agencies aspires to provide competitive cutting-edge ICT solutions and in this case, reliable and secure Biometric Patient Identification System .

Biometric Patient Identification System

Unique Selling Proposition

By automating Patient Registration & Identification process, Jomutech Agencies will add value to the Doctor, Clinic, Hospital by giving you a state of the art (modern), friendly, simple and easy to use Biometric Patient Identification system that will easily fit into your office set-up while equipping you with reports from the comfort of your computer when needed and required and at the same time giving a satisfactory & smooth Patient Registration & Identification Process while incorporating and emboldening morals of accountability & integrity amongst patients and hospital staff.

Card Identification Problems

The Biometric Patient Identification system that Jomutech Agencies has developed seeks to address & alleviate the following issues that are a common phenomenon at hospitals, clinics & doctors where identification cards are issued to patients for purposes of identification.

1). High cost of printing & procuring patients’ cards.

2). Cards are bulk in nature, storing them is a challenge.

3). Cards can land into the wrong hands ‘unauthorized card holders’ and get presented at hospitals by those persons to acquire medical services illegally.

4). Data on cards can be altered to bear wrong information e.g. names, age etc.

5). Counterfeit cards can be reproduced that resemble original cards issued by the hospital.

6). Counterfeit cards can be reproduced that resemble original cards issued by the hospital.

7). Cards get worn out, defaced, rained on and need to be renewed.

8). Cards can get misplaced, stolen.

9). Patients can forget cards at home.

10). Patients find it hard to remember their hospital card numbers.

11). Patients may feel uncomfortable carrying the cards around with them and hence feel inconvenienced when they have to remember to bring them to the hospital.

12). Emergency cases do not allow the patient to bring along with them the card to the hospital.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition
Jomutech Agencies' will provide you with a state of the art (modern) biometric fingerprint software system for your Patient Registration & Identification Process that will give you the following benefits ;

1). Paperless patient registration & identification process of Inpatient, Outpatient & Maternity.

2). Easy to use with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

3). It is fast to register and identify patients as the patient is only required to touch a fingerprint reader only and relevant data pertinent to them is retrieved automatically (...integrating with existing hospitals', clinics' & doctors' systems makes this easy)

4). This biometric system is easy & simple to use, train & learn.

5). Easy storage and retrieval of patient details by use of fingerprint only (...the following will NOT be required at all; ID NO, Phone NO, Outpatient NO, Inpatient NO).

6). The Hospital will be protected from patients who may want to inappropriately acquire medical services by alleging to be some one else (biometric fingerprint patterns are unique to everyone and no two persons share same fingerprint patterns not even twins).

7). Fingerprints cannot be altered, so the Doctor, Clinic, Hospital need not worry about the integrity of stored data in the Hospital biometric system.

8). Issues of counterfeit cards, misplaced cards, stolen cards and worn out cards will not arise because the card system will have been done away with.

9). Patients need not remember to carry cards with them to the hospital because it’s only their fingerprints that will be required for identification at the hospital.

10). Biometric system can be integrated with future or current doctor, clinic or hospital system to facilitate easy identification of patients.

11). Increase and bolster levels of accountability and ethics among system users and patients because the proposed solution will significantly capture and report patient visits and registrations.

12). This biometric software solutions is ideal for identification of visually challenged patients, patients with hearing inabilities.

13). This biometric software solution is best for identification of patients who may not know how to read & write.

14). This biometric software solution is ideal for patients who for some reasons do not have identification cards, passports, cellphone numbers or any other form of identification.

15). The Biometric System can be used to earn revenue for the hospital where registration fees into the system can be charged for.

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