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Biometric Secu-Guard System

Unique Selling Proposition

Biometric Secu-Guard solution equips Governments, Security Agencies & Private Security Companies with a Fingerprint Biometrics authentication system that allows them to vet persons attempting to gain access to restricted & controled zones e.g. entrance to a building, facility, institution, barracks or a highly classified area. It can be integrated with other security systems to maximise security control

Known Security Loopholes

The Biometric Secu-Guard that Jomutech Agencies has developed addresses the following issues that are prevalent with other Biometric Secu-Guard System

1). Sharing of access cards.

2). Human errors arising from wrongly identifying persons who resemble well known persons.

3). Bending rules to allow unauthorized persons to gain access to restricted premises.

4). Lax security checks and complacency amongst guards and soldiers at security check points.

5). Delays and plenty of time wasted at security check points.

6). Need to use various other forms of identification to precisely authenticate individuals.

7). High use of counterfeit and forged identification documents to gain access to controlled areas and facilities.

8). Loss of life and property resulting from compromised security check points.

9). Language barriers hamper easy communication at security desks.

10). False alarms and apprehensions resulting from improper verification of individuals

11). Denying of access to authentic persons due to failure to produce identification documents and cards.

12). Loss of security passes and security cards.

13). Unfriendly and gross inhumane persons identification means.

14). Unreliable or inadequate information about persons within a facility or institution at a given time.

15). High cost of hiring security personnel and equipment.

16). Easy to compromise security check point personnels.

17). Theft and property vandalism resuting from poor verification of personnel at an access control point.

18). Compromised levels of security due to corruption at contnrol access points (security desks)

Value Proposition

Jomutech System’s Biometric Secu-Guard System is a must have for your security firm, security agencies and governments because of its below unique, unbeatable benefits and advantages;

1). Prevents sharing of security access cards as biometric fingerprints are unique to an individual.

2). The biometric system will allow guards to vet staff automatically via use of biometric fingerprints before they access classified areas, restricted facilities, buildings etc.

3). The biometric system will uphold moral integrity and levels of accountability among your members of staff as the system will generate reports of what transpired at their control points.

4). This biometric system will bolster levels of security at a facility, organization or premise with restricted access as word will go around fast that biometrics are used to check authenticity of persons & it is not easy to feign to be someone else where biometric control checks are in place.

5). The biometric system will create an avenue to generate more revenue where the biometric system services will be required.

6). The biometric system will give your company an edge over competition as you will be providing an additional unique extra security service to your clientele group.

7). The biometric system will reduce time of verifying and identifying staff at an organizations, schools, and companies’ entrances as there will be no need to ask for ID cards, access cards or make calls to verify validity of unknown persons presenting themselves at the security desks.

8). This biometric system is friendly and suitable for verifying and identifying high ranking staff who do not feel comfortable when asked to confirm their identities as the biometric system will identify them uniquely (only security guards will know who they are when the biometric system verifies them) without persons around them knowing their true identities.

9). Where biometric system is deployed, this system will reduce number of required security guards and these free hands can be redeployed elsewhere to earn more revenue for the company.

10). An easy approach to handle situations where staff have no access cards, misplaced their access cards or identity cards. Biometric verification & identification will not require staff to carry cards around as only their biometric fingerprints are required for authentication.

11). Biometric system will guarantee non repudiation. Staff will not be able to deny instances where they accessed a facility, organization or company as long as they were validated by the biometric system unlike situations where someone may know and use your password.

12). Easy, fast, friendly, efficient and foolproof way of verifying and identifying staff. Your security guards will have an easy time and will enjoy this new automated identification process which also shows photos and details of identified persons.

13). This biometric system can be integrated with existing security systems to step up security protocols.

14). The biometric system will generate reports that can be accessed from computers.

15). Easy to use with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

16). It is easy to use biometric system as staff are only required to touch a biometric fingerprint reader once and their photo and details are retrieved and displayed automatically.

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