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When it comes to technology, Jomutech Agencies aspires to provide competitive cutting-edge ICT solutions and in this case, a reliable, trustworthy and secure Biometric Voting Software System (BVS) .

Biometric Voting Software System (BVS)

Unique Selling Proposition

The purpose of Biometric Voting Software System (BVS) is to assist Organisations, Schools, Institutes, Colleges, Universtities, Corporates, Companies, Boards, Churches, County Governments etc to conduct FREE & FAIR Democratic Elections / Voting aided by Biometric Technology to provision Correct and Immediate Electoral Results as soon and when an Election process has been Completed.

How it works

Voter Authentication and Registration
1). Voter produces means to identify themselves e.g. by producing Kenya National ID Card, Passport, Employee Card, School ID Card, College University ID CAard or any other recognised and trusted forms of identification.

2). After a would be voter is identified, their particulars including names , gender, Identifying NO together with their biometric data are captured and saved into Biometric Voting System during the registration exercise.

3). Voter's Registration data is archived in Biometric Voting System and will only be used for the sole purpose of voter identification and verification during the voting exercise to ascertain validity of voter and prevent incidences of voters attempting to vote more than once.

Verification and Voting
1). Biometrically Registered Voters present themselves for biometric verification .

2). After a voter is identified, system generates a Green Vote Now Button otherwise for NON-IDENTIFIED Voters the button will not be generated by system.

3). Identified Voters press Vote Now Button to prompt the system to avail the panel with candidates vying for various positions.

4). A voter votes for a candidate of choice from their various categories e.g. President Candidate A, President Candidate B or President Candidate C from the category President.

5). Once a voter casts their vote for a particular category by pressing a button with the name of their prefered candidate, the category disappears from the screen and only the categories from which the voter has not cast their votes are made available on the screen.

6). After a voter is done with voting, they should then press the Red 'Leave Ballot Box' button to pave way for the next voter to cast their vote too

7). Voting for a single voter should NOT take more than 1 minute

Benefits of using Biometric Voting System

Jomutech Agencies' provides you with a state of the art (modern) Electronic Biometric Voting Software System (BVS) for electing leaders using an inexpensive, reliable and fast software technology solution.

Organisations, Companies, Corporates, Schools, Institutions, Colleges, Universities, Unions, Board meetings, County Governments, Churches etc. stand to gain by using Biometric Voting Systems as follows ;

a). High degree of certainity in voter identification.

b). Biometric Voting System serves as acknowledgement that the voter is duly registered.

c). Very High Accuracy during verification and verification time is less than 2 seconds

d). Biometric System will discriminate against NON-registered voters. The voting button will not be availabe to them.

e). Biometric voting system is the most economical biometric PC user authentication system.

g). Results from Biometric Voting Systems are more agreeable to voters and the vying candidates because of the high leves of integrity, accuracy and authenticity that biometric systems guarantee .

h). Voting results available immediately the last person has cast their vote.

i). Voters vote for all their candidates in one instance after verification.

i). There are no spoiled votes and voters can choose to vote for some candidates in certain positions and not vote for candidates in other positions.

i). Ethical values and levels of accountability are emboldened among voters.

Disadvantages of Biometric Voting System

a). Expensive.

b). Equipment need to be electronically powered (Laptop will not function without battery charge in situations where power goes off).

Biometric Voting System entire Package and Cost

Biometric Voting System comes in the following package which consists of;

Biometric Voting Software System software

☛ 1 external biometric fingerprint reader

☛ Core i3 Processor Laptop or Desktop Computer with 500Gb HardDisk, 4Gb RAM

☛ Installation and Training

The entire costs for Biometric Voting System package amount to KShs 225,000.

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