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Jomutech Technicians Limited is dedicated to providing cutting-edge energy solutions and electrical expertise, emphasizing innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Specializing in solar installation, the company offers bespoke solutions to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Beyond solar, their certified electricians ensure precise and careful handling of electrical needs, including installations and maintenance for homes and businesses. Additionally, the company prioritizes security with state-of-the-art CCTV installations. Committed to professionalism, integrity, and personalized service, Jomutech aims to be a partner in creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Contact them today to experience their difference in powering your world with safety and energy efficiency.

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What We Cover

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial solar solutions refer to the use of solar energy systems for businesses and commercial establishments. These solutions typically involve the installation of solar panels on rooftops, parking structures, or open land to harness the sun's energy and convert it into electricity. The generated solar power can be used to meet a portion or all of a company's electricity needs, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and lowering energy costs in the long run.

Residential Solar Solutions

Residential solar solutions refer to the use of solar energy systems to power homes and residential buildings. These systems harness the sun's energy through photovoltaic (PV) panels or solar thermal collectors and convert it into electricity or heat for various household purposes. The adoption of residential solar solutions has been growing rapidly in recent years due to increasing awareness of environmental issues and the desire to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Agricultural solar solutions refer to the use of solar energy technologies in the agricultural sector. Solar energy is harnessed from the sun's rays and converted into electricity or thermal energy that can power various agricultural operations and processes. This approach offers numerous benefits to farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, and energy independence.

Electrical Installations

Step into a realm of expertise as our skilled professionals illuminate every nook and cranny of your space. Our electric installation services promise not just light but a well-designed and vibrant environment. From energy-efficient solutions to modern aesthetics, we are dedicated to ensuring your comfort, safety, and a visually appealing atmosphere. Witness the transformation as we bring your space to life with the power of light. Illuminate your surroundings with our meticulous craftsmanship, creating a symphony of brightness that harmonizes with the modern rhythm of life.

Electrical Fencing

Embark on a journey of enhanced security with our electric fencing services. Our skilled craftsmen artfully weave currents of power into a formidable barrier, deterring intruders with the swiftness of lightning. Safeguard your space and experience tranquility like never before. Trust in our expertise to electrify your perimeter and fortify your peace of mind. Let the dance of electrons create a shield, a silent guardian ensuring your sanctuary remains impervious to the intrusions of the night.

Solar Water Heating

Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with our solar water heating installations. Our knowledgeable artisans, well-versed in the art of harnessing solar power, bring you a revolutionary solution for your daily hot water needs. Experience the seamless fusion of eco-friendly technology and comfort in your home. Bask in the warmth of the sun's energy as we redefine the way you enjoy hot water, all while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.



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Our Team

Introducing our adept solar artisans, merging technical prowess with unwavering environmental commitment. Their precision transforms visions of renewable energy into tangible reality, ensuring flawless installations for a cleaner, brighter future.


Our Team

Our electrical technicians are the embodiment of technical prowess, ensuring seamless and reliable electrical solutions with unmatched skill and precision..


Our Team

Our CCTV installation technicians are the architects of safety, crafting meticulous security solutions with utmost proficiency.


Our Team

Celebrated for their unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment, our plumbing technicians exemplify the epitome of skill and dedication in delivering pristine plumbing solutions

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